Mistress in her Mackintosh


Many thanks to those enthusiasts who have been sharing with me their thoughts and experiences relating to classic rubber and vinyl (PVC) rainwear over the past few weeks.

Over the years, I have heard many “very personal” accounts from enthusiasts on this subject. Most of whom, clearly remember the first time they became aware of the seductive qualities of impermeable rainwear.

Since I first joined an online enthusiast group back in 1999, I would say that the majority of rainwear enthusiasts (who I have come into contact with) prefer shiny black rubber or vinyl mackintoshes over any other material.

Following closely behind comes single and double texture rubberised mackintoshes. Which includes the classic Riding Mac.

Accessories and footwear for many enthusiasts are very important when it comes to taking photographs of rainwear. Top of this list includes leather and rubber boots, leather or latex gloves, rain hats and sou’westers and of course riding crops and canes for “Mistress in her Mackintosh” fans.




Military Style Mackintoshes


Military style mackintoshes have always been popular with rainwear enthusiasts who appreciate a more formal look.

Manufactured in polished black rubber and equipped with an extra wide belt, wrist straps and a neck strap (which can be drawn extra tight for a closer fit) the Weather-or-Not mackintosh featured in this post dates back to the 1990’s is perhaps the quintessential item of rainwear for the discerning rainwear enthusiasts.

A pleasant natural rubber aroma accompanied by a sensual rustle and swish as the folds of soft rubber surfaced cotton sway back and forth when the wearer walks makes this classic mackintosh a highly desirable item of rainwear, in more ways than one!








The Impermeable and Delectable Rubber Mackintosh


The classic British Mackintosh manufactured in shiny black rubber on a cotton (Wigan) backing has stood the test of time in so many different ways. And especially in terms of practicality, style and perhaps most of all eroticism.

Certainly, the latter is the driving force behind the “Rubber Mac” sticking around in today’s world of synthetic, lightweight and totally bland rainwear.

Let’s not forget that the rubber mac in addition to being a delectable item of “fun wear” is also a garment with impermeable properties which protects the wearer from the elements like no other item of rainwear.